Starting Therapy

Making changes

It is not unusual to change therapists. You may not feel comfortable with the modalities they use or you may simply fail to connect with that particular provider. Your therapist is a professional, Their goal is to get you the support you need—even if that means you see someone else.

Below, Darryl will share how he responds when his clients want to make a change.

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Wanting to change therapists Transcript is below

I understand that, you know, you don't wanna move forward with me as a counselor. That's definitely okay. I am always welcome to feedback on how you think I can improve and do better. But this process right now is to work on how we can move forward in finding you the best counselor for you and yourself. I have a few recommendations of counselors that I have worked with in the past that I definitely know are really good at what they do. I can pass on this information onto you. And if you want, you can always definitely go through your insurance as well and give them a call and they can connect you with some other counselors that you feel may be a better fit. I appreciate your time and your energy and I wish you luck moving forward.

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Wanting to take a break from therapy Transcript is below

I understand you wanna take a break from therapy; there's nothing wrong with that at all. If you wanna talk about it some more, definitely let me know. I will be here when you're ready to meet again. You can always schedule something with our administrative assistant, or you can send me a message directly and we can work on getting you back on our calendar, and I can start seeing you again when you're ready.