Seeking Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

Medical Withdrawal Management (Detox)

nurse making notes on a medical chart

Depending on your use history, you may first need to enter medical withdrawal management. Often referred to as “detox,” this is the process of eliminating drugs and/or alcohol from your body. Medical professionals carefully monitor and manage your withdrawal experience and can provide you medication to manage the severity of withdrawal symptoms. You may be uncomfortable, but you will not be left alone in pain.

I’m gonna explain to you what to expect while you're in the Withdrawal Management Program. You won't have a counselor assigned to you until you get to the residential unit, but you will have a case coordinator who will support you with getting into your next phase of treatment.

The medical staff is going to be monitoring you for any symptoms or discomfort you feel, so that they can support you through that process.

Medically supervised withdrawal can take place in a hospital, a specialized inpatient detoxification unit, or on an outpatient basis with close medical supervision.