Moving to a Retirement Community

Advice on Rightsizing

Most people associate the transition to a retirement community with downsizing. Instead, it can be helpful to think of this time as “rightsizing.” Reflect on how you want to live and how where you live supports your goals.

Play Video placeholderBe bold and be brave about getting rid of stuff.

Be bold and be brave about getting rid of stuff. Transcript is below

My advice to anybody that's going to move into a into a retirement facility is to be bold and be brave about getting rid of stuff. If there's anything that you, we have run into some cases where I wish I hadn't thrown something away or given it away, but you can always go get a new one. And so to a certain extent, it's easier to throw it away and get a new one than it is to carry it along with you and try and decide if you really need it.

Play Video placeholderWe hired a senior move manager.

We hired a senior move manager. Transcript is below

We hired a company to help us move in Raleigh. And they helped us decide what things to take with us. And then we had a company here and there are companies called Supporting Seniors or something like that, who know how to help you choose what you will need. They know, they can look at the layout of the apartment and say you have room for this and you don't have room for that. And then they can help you pack up. And when you get to the location, there are companies who will help you unpack. And they were very, very worth every dollar we spent on them.